Getting started with Laravel

September 23, 2017

getting started with laravel

T Minus 50 Seconds

The purpose of this article is to get your started with Laravel. This article assumes that you already have setup your development environment (LEMP/LAMP) and composer. I prefer Laravel Valet+ on MacOS. Similar tools exist for both Windows and Linux users. Details about setting up development environment and other required tools is beyond the scope of this article.

T Minus 30 Seconds

Fire up your favorite terminal and type the following

$ composer global install laravel/installer

T Minus 20 Seconds

Whip a new Laravel application using the following command laravel new ThisWillRockYourWorld

T Minus 10 Seconds

Open your favorite browser to navigate to your project url based on your setup. For e.g. Or, localhost/ThisWillRockYourWorld

Lift Off

Feel Awesome. You Rock.

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Written by Roshan Gautam
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